64OZ GRAB 'N GO GROWLER – Savage Supply Company




One of the best things about the outdoors is being able to drink in peace. But for that, you need a container or a keg that is just worthy for the job. And thankfully, a product is on the market. The ManCan Growler allows outdoor enthusiasts to go out there and not have to worry bout their alcohol.

The Growler is made of stainless steel, 64 oz of it. Some have even started to call it a mini keg. Thanks to the stainless steel, it does not leak and is durable. It is also easy to pack since it won’t break. And for the best part, it can hold 4 pints of beer inside, or any type of beverage. It does all this whilst not compromising the quality of the beverage, keeping the taste and the carbonation. It can also be put on the door of fridges with relative ease. It can also quickly cool the beverage thanks to the insulation inside it.

The keg keeps everything cool, fresh and tasty as you go on your hike or camping activity. And all this for just, $27. It is worth it.