MOJAVE JACKET – Savage Supply Company




If you want a cool jacket that is a better alternative to the classic motorcycle leather jackets people usually wear, then you should think of the Mojave jacket. 

The ultimate 3 season riding jacket is a product of Iron & Resin in collaboration with Vanson Leathers. The jacket os made from 14 ounces of waxed cotton canvas, has an Heirloom quality, is built for longevity and beautifully ages. 

The jacket has so much detail, as shown by the articulate elbows, buckle collar closure, and a deerskin interior collar stand. Snap closure pockets, built in rear pocket for keeping all small things such as knives, gloves and goggles just add to the detail of the jacket. 

The Mojave jacket is just perfect for that spring morning chill as you cruise on your bike.